1. Buy Existing Products

Hundreds of luxury style selections, minimum 40% cheaper than other stores

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2. Price for Entire House

Please send us all your windows pictures to admin@ulinkly.com with rough measurement for each window (window width and covering length from hanging rod to floor, just rough measurement is OK for now)
we will give you the lowest price quote (at least 45%-65% cheapers than other stores) within 24 hours.
once you agree with the price, you can use any fabric and we will send all fabrics samples to you, and do unlimited design onto your window pictures until you are fully satisfied for free.
You will have 50 - 200 different fabric swatches sent to you for free based on your color preference, you can use any fabric to make any style displayed in the design book, from ulinkly.com, or from other online website, we bring the showroom to you.

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3. Design for Entire House      See Example

While you are checking the fabrics, we will do unlimited designs onto your window pictures you provided until you are fully satisfied, no more guess before you buy. No matter what design you want, price is the same.


4. Standard, Transparent and Easy price calculation

We introduced the easiest and most affordable price calculation logic for any design style and fabric, no matter how fancy your product design is, the price will be calculated only based on the width and length of your product, we removed all the hidden cost, provide you the most affordable price that is at least 40% off than other online/physical stores

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5. Risk-Free Shop Experience, Top Quality Guaranteed

If your purchase >$3000, you just need to pay 50% deposit, we will make your window treatments right away for any style you like.

We will send you the picture of finished products for review, if there is any defect (< 1%) or style is not what you want, we will remake or fix for you for free.

Only after confirmed by you, we then ship to you, and you pay us the remaining amount.

Our return rate is <1%, If there is any proven defect after you receive the product, we will remake for you for free or just simply return back to us for full refund due to defect.

Installation is easy, you can do easy DIY installation yourself by following instructions,

or, We provide in-home installation nationwide by partnering with professional installation companies, we provide discounted installation fee at $50-$85 per hour (averagely one hour for 2 windows).


Picture of finished product
for your review before we ship


Picture of the installed product

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