Privacy Policy


Last Updated: October 31, 2012


Ulinkly, LLC (together with its subsidiaries, affiliates, collectively, “Ulinkly” or “we”, “our” or “us) values your personal information, and protect it seriously. This Ulinkly Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains how we collect, use and disclose any information you submit to us through (the “Site”), and this Privacy Policy will apply to all users who use our Site.


Your Consent and acceptance


You acknowledge and agree the practices described in this Privacy Policy by accessing or using the Site. From time to time, we may update this Privacy Policy due to the development and continuity of our Site and Service, your use of the Site after we update the Privacy Policy will constitute acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy, hence, you need to periodically check the latest Privacy Policy that posted on our Site to make sure you are updated with latest changes if any. If you do not agree to any changes, if and when such changes made to the Privacy Policy, you must stop use of the Site and Services.


1.  What private Information we collect and how we use


        In general, we collect the information that you submit to us in order to register and use the Site and Service. Some information you have to submit to us in order to register our Site, such as your email address, log in password, Paypal email address, Paypal user ID etc., some information you voluntarily provide, such as seller’s contact type, contact 2 info etc.


       Contact Information


a.     Email Address and Email


In order for you to use our Site, you need to register with an unique valid email address as your log in ID, you will use this email address as the log in ID for accessing the Site. Also, this email address will be your identifier, we will send you all the content through this email address, such as new Offer, any important notice for our Site and Services, communications between you and Ulinkly related to, including, but not limited to, payment, registration, services, Goods, Purchase, Claims, system notices, promotions etc. We will not share your email address to any third parties, except as provided in 3.a. And we may share your email address to the friend(s) you share the Offer(s) with or you refer to our Site in order to engage them with you in the social network environment in connection to our Site. Also, we will collect any and all email information that you submit through our “Feedback”, “Contact us” or any other part of our Site, this information includes, but is not limited to, attached files, images, email address, full name, phone number, address, and other information you provide.


b.     Name, mail and resident address, telephone number, or other contact related information


We need to know your name, address, telephone number and other contact related information in order to either contact, identify you or enable you to redeem your purchased goods or services. Your full name, email address or the person’s name to whom you want to transfer this Coupon will display on the Coupon you purchased, we will only share the name, email address on the Coupon with the Merchant. The Merchant will only use this name or email address to identify this Buyer who redeems the Coupon. We need Merchant’s full name for Paypal account verification in order to make sure Merchant has verified bank or credit card associated with. We also need buyer’s full name for pre approval and final Paypal checkout process.


Financial Information:


a.     Paypal email address, Paypal account first name, last name


We are leveraging advance Paypal payment system and process for Buyer’s payment in the Site. We do not gather, access or store any credit card or bank account information of yours in our Site, and your confidential financial information such as credit card, bank account is securely managed in your Paypal account. In order for us to effectively leverage your Paypal account enabling you to make prepayment for the Coupon, we need to know your Paypal email address, Paypal account first name and last name, based on this information, we can verify your Paypal account to make sure your account can receive or pay the payment, and your Paypal account is authenticated. We do not share your Paypal account information such as Paypal email address, Paypal account first and last name, address, phone number etc. to any third party except the companies responsible for processing the Paypal payment transactions such as Paypal company. Improving your shopping experience with our Site continuously is our primary focus, hence, we may request credit card or other payment account information in future so that we can allow you to make more flexible payment to handle new features that we may add in future such as shipping & handling etc. We will modify our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions once we implemented these new features.


Relationship Information:


This information allows us to identify who you are, your interest so that we can provide better and suitable service for you.


a.     Location information


This location information includes, but not limited to, your country, state, province, city, street number, zip code. We will use this information to know where you are from so that we can accurately to display the Offers that are close to you. We may share this data with third parties, such as merchants featured on our Site; however, no third party will be able to trace your personal demographic information back to you unless you have separately give your permission to do so. Also, we need to know your mobile location information, if you activate our mobile applications and permitted your mobile or other location-based device to transmit location data.


b.     Your interest information


You can provide your interest when you register our Site, such as Offer categories that you would like to receive email notification when any new Offers issues for these categories. We use this information to provide you better and suitable Offers in order to reduce the overwhelming Offers notifications you received on daily basis. Also, we will display your interest info from social media interaction, such as Facebook, Twitter, this information includes, but not limited to, Facebook Like, Share, Twitter Share etc. This information will be used for other members to better judge the Offer’s quality.


c.     Your friend(s) information


We provide you the profit sharing capability by referring your friend to register our Site. We will provide you an unique referral link which you can share directly with your friend(s) via email, social media or other communication methods. Once your friend(s) click and registered our Site by using that link, you will recognize as the referral to your friend(s). We will not collect any personal information for the person that you share the referral link with until this person click the link and registered our Site successfully. We will display your friend(s) information such as full name, email address etc. in your “referral friend report” so that you will know who refer you or who you have referred to the Site. We will not share with third parties for this information.


Other transaction Information you provide:


This information includes, but not limited to, your interaction with Ulinkly, view, bid, redeem Offer, general use of the site, email, mobile apps and communications, interaction with Offer Merchants, service providers. We will use this information to improve our service to you by working with our partners, Merchants and service providers.


Facebook Information


You will give Ulinkly certain general personally identifying information stored in your Facebook profile by logging into our Site with your Facebook Connect. Without your consent, we will not store or view your these personal information from your Facebook profile. By logging with your Facebook Connect, you grant Ulinkly permission to access your Facebook profile information. We may record the number of times that particular content has been shared or liked (but we don’t view or store the specific messages that you sent through share or like features) in order to provide better social networking activities in our Site for the Offers that you are interested. You should review Facebook privacy policy to determine what information you want to disclose to Ulinkly once you log in with your Facebook connect.


2.  Cookies, Unique URLs and Related Technologies


“Cookies” are small text files that a web server sends to your browser that stores information about your account, preference and your use of the Sites. Like most of sites, Ulinkly will collect certain information by using technologies such as cookies, web server logs etc. The information from cookies and related technology is stored in web server logs and in the web cookies stored on your PC or mobile devices, this information will be transmitted back to our Site by your PC or mobile devices, it allows us to quickly identify your return, status and facilitate your access to your preferences, your browser type and operating system. We will not track, record and retrieve any information that is not related to the Site and Service.


There are two types of cookies: temporary and persistent. For the temporary cookies, they manage the page view, temporarily store your session related information, and they will be erased after you close your browser. For the persistent cookies, they will be persistently stored on your PC or mobile devices even after you exit your browser. We use persistent cookies for many different purposes, such as your previously logged in user ID (if you asked to be remembered), your preference (such as the city you selected etc.).


Ulinkly may also generate some unique URL link in the email that we sent to you or the advertisement displayed on our Site so that we can track which email or advertisement you click. Our server logs also record the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the devices you are using to access our Site. We use this IP address to determine your current logged in or not logged in location so that we can show you the location distance to the Offers that you are interested.


Ulinkly has relationship with third parties to display their advertisements on our Site, they can track and report how many times that you click their corresponding advertisements by using cookies, clear GIFs and other technologies, by doing so, they can help to target your interest or preference to better service your advertisement needs. We will not share any your personal information with third party advertising companies. Ulinkly is not responsible for any technologies for tracking the ads, information collection methods or the use of the collected information from the third parties. Please check detail rules in Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions from the third parties’ website to understand more in regarding to cookies and other technologies they are using.



  • When visitors come to your site, third parties (such as AdRoll) may place cookies on their browsers for targeted advertising purposes.
  • A description of the types of data (IP addresses, cookie identifiers, website activity) that your site will collect.
  • Instructions for how to opt out of receiving targeted advertising.


3.  Information sharing


a. Ulinkly only shares your personal information with other companies or individuals in very limited condition. We reserve the right to share some or all of your personal information with Ulinkly affiliated companies or other trusted businesses or persons that are under  our control, these companies or persons work with us to provide the service to you.


b. In the event we are merged, acquired by another company, or sold partially or fully to another company, your personal information may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledged such transfers may occur and permitted by this Privacy Policy.


c. We may share your personal information that we believe is necessary to below:

    c.1 protect against harm or investigate potential violation to the rights, terms, safety and property of Ulinkly, its users as permitted by the law.

    c.2 prevent or address fraud, technical, security or other issues

    c.3 any other law required requests


4.  Use of Information


Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell, disclose, trade, rent or share any of your personal information for marketing purposes with third parties, unless you authorize us to do so. Your personal information is mainly used to function, improve your experience with our Site. And we do share your content information with the social network with which you have connected to Ulinkly, also, share with the persons or companies you have asked us to share with by using all means in our Site, such as profit sharing function, Facebook like or share function.



5.  Age limitation


You are required to be 13 years and older to use the Site and Services, if we determine that you are under the age of 13, we will remove any content that uploaded to the Site by you. If you are between the age of 13 and 18, you parent’s permission to use the Site and Service is required. Some offers may be subject to the further age limitation.


6.  Update your personal information


Your up-to-date personal information is so important since we need it to provide you better Offers and good quality services, also, we need your latest and current Paypal information to make sure you will receive the payment on time and in a secured way. It is your responsibility to update and correct your personal information to current. You can do so by logging in your “My account” tab and update, or send us email at


7.  Security of your personal information


        We take the security of your personal information very seriously. We are leveraging highly secured Paypal payment system to handle end to end payment process, and we do not access or store any of your personal financial information such as bank account or credit card information. And your account information is located on a secured server behind firewall, we only authorize the right companies or persons who can access your personal information in order to function or improve our services to you (please see detail in “3. Information sharing” section), and these companies and persons are subject to our Privacy Policy, discipline and obligations.

8.  Communities or User Forum


We may add new features in future like communities or user forum so that users can post their comments, shopping experience or other information online related to the Offers or Services. All the information you submitted will be viewable to anyone with internet access, and any of your personal information will be accessible to anyone. Therefore, please avoid to disclose your personal information in this forum or communities.


9.  Third party Sites


Ulinkly may have the link to other websites. These other websites have their own Privacy Policy, our Privacy Policy will solely apply the information that we collect through Ulinkly and do not apply to other websites. You need to check other websites’ Privacy Policy statement each time when you visit those websites, we are not responsible for any Privacy, Terms or legal related issues in connection with the use of other websites.


If you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us through our website by clicking “Contact Us” link, or send email to