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How It works

Say 'goodbye' to ridiculously expensive custom-made window treatments.
At Ulinkly, we believe in a dramatically simplified experience, much cheaper price, abundant high-end design styles, delivering confidence and peace of mind at every step.


Use our technology to easily measure your windows by simply snaping pictures with your smartphone for free, no tape measure needed, it works for any window shape and size, you will know the price upfront


Our designers will design 10 luxury styles onto each of your window for free, you can pick any styles and do unlimited design modifications untill you are fully satisfied


We will send you free booklets with many high-end fabrics matching your color expectation for free


You can use any fabrics for any part of window treatment design, price is same


We will show you how it looks based on the fabrics you selected


You purchase with same upfront price after design confirmation


We will send pictures to show all details of the finished product for your confirmation before shipping


You can do easy DIY installation yourself, or, we provide installation by partnering with local professional service anywhere in USA and Canada with $45-$65 hourly rate.


Or just simply text us at 408-582-2896 to submit your window pictures and measurement, we will do unlimited designs, provide price quote, help to select any fabrics and arrange installation, a dedicate free consultant will serve your need from beginning to the end.