Why us?

We cut out the middlemen and leverage cheaper international labor without compromising
high quality...

Ulinkly's curtains are of high quality — fabricated on the best-class production lines imported from Germany and Switzerland,
manufactured by top grade factories(top 1-2% best sellers), crafted by very experienced designers. These curtains are as the >$1000
luxurious curtains you see in the model home or luxurious designer house. Yet, we sell our curtains at a fraction of the price
(minimum 40% off retail). How do we do it?

Let's look at curtains market today:

Most curtains sellers in U.S. fall into below two categories:

  • High-end curtains are 100% custom-made by using expensive U.S. labors with limited customization options (mostly for drapery materials, size and color, and just labor cost for customization is around $300).
  •                  OR
  • Cheap curtains are sold by large retail/wholesale stores with fixed size, very limited size/color/style selection, no Valance styles selection, and not customizable. The reason these curtains are cheap is because they are all fixed size(usually 40"w to 54"w only), they can be stored in warehouse for years and resellable, and 100% machine fabricated with cheap materials and simple styles.

Therefore, you have to either pay very expensive price to get high-end semi-customized curtains, or pick cheap curtains and forget about the taste and luxury.

       Market Overview

  • Expensive semi-customization
  • Cheap and no or limited customization

We are very different in two ways:

Our unique partnership with premium factories

We partner EXCLUSIVELY with top premium factories(top 1-2% sellers in international market) selling high-end custom-made curtains in North America, our uniqueness is as below:

  • Abundant options for customization
  • Very affordable price
  • High quality with hundreds high-end styles(drapery, voile and valances) selection
  • Hundreds of 100% handcrafted luxury valances selection and customization
We Sell Directly to You

No middlemen, no retail mark-up, wholesale price. We promise you our price will be at least 40% lower than the retail price for similar high-end custom-made curtains sold in U.S.

Stores Comparison for Customization


Price Comparison for High-end Custom Curtain

(standard 54"W, 40"-102"L window coverage size, average price based on top 20 retail stores and 10 special shops in U.S. for high-end custom-made curtains, this price includes 2-panels drapery, voile and valance)