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    Harold Foshee

    Korean Bird Nest

    shipping was fast and when I got this curtain, the color is ditto with the online picture. The material is so good as well.

    Richard Martinez

    Classic Crown

    Good! product works fine. I am pleased with its high quality valance.

    Walter Woodman

    Shading Queen

    The quality of the curtain seems to be ok from what I have seen until now. I can't wait to put these up and see how well they work.

    Byron Cooper

    England Embroidery

    They are all great and look great too. My kids really like them. They work just as expected.

    Larry Vega


    They were ideal. The exact color, the accurate size, with the perfect worth. I propose to all.

    Angela Parham


    Everything perfect! Curtain just attracted us, particularly valance is very special. Everyone in our family picked this curtain quickly. Rooms converted in a five star hotel rooms. Specially valance has excellent embroidery. Completely went with flooring and walls colors. Great product!!

    Monica Deason

    Luxury Dubai

    These curtains (LUXURY DUBAI) are so great. They are positively working out for me. I think they are great quality fiber and they are the perfect size and length. Without doubt I'd recommend them.

    Stephen Oliveri

    Tang Dynasty

    It is the outstanding product. Easy to fix .Quality fiber. I am satisfied with the curtain.

    Frank Goodson


    "The curtains converted my “Bed Room Windows” into a Picture screen. completely matched with our fashionable windows. They are just attractive the room looks more roomy. They are just as I had hoped. They fit absolutely. Thank you!"

    Bessie Pelkey

    Elegant Mondrian

    I purchased the curtains and they look superior than I thought they would. The curtains are stylish and have some weight. They are really nice color. It really softened up our bedroom and made it feel a lot more comfortable. I am really happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these to everybody.

    Dan Covert

    Louis Pearl

    I really like these curtains with their valance! I was afraid that they may not be true to the color in the website, but they are, and match my decor absolutely.

    George Qi

    Voile King

    Curtains are really good

    Terrance Marrero


    The curtain was nice fittings for my windows, These curtains are beautiful design with high quality materials. My wife and I love them. I believe they look extremely pleasing to the eye.

    Jimmie Presson

    White Crown

    Grand quality curtain panel. The fabric is very nice. They hang nicely and consistently. Great option for a privacy panel. Put these on my covered entrance to give some privacy from neighbors. I recommended to every person.

    Hilda Lopez

    Elegant White

    Ordered 5 of these. Put up in my gallery. Love them. All friends commented on how nice they are on the gallery. they make me feel like on trip.

    John Linscott


    Much nicer than on the described photos. Soft color. Looks more luxurious than the price would indicate. It is high quality product and I recommended all.

    Hannah Hubbell

    Kids Garden

    These curtains look great in my apartment. I judge that the worth matches the quality and the color matches the representation.

    George Qi



    Benjamin Blum

    Casa Di

    My curtain showing so crystal clear look with marvelous valance, everybody praising my choice that what a good quality I brought & it gives so freshness my room. Its prints Looks so pure & nice.

    Carl Laclair

    Andrew Blue

    It looks so great when I put Andrew blue in my room. The flowers print with red outline outside looks fabulous. It has very nice quality.