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    Larry Auld


    Everything perfect! Mantle merely attracted us, in particular valance is very exceptional. All people in our household picked out this drapery easily. Rooms changed in a classy hotel rooms.Outstanding product!!

    Charlie Carter

    Queen's Whisper

    The Queen's Whisper drapes were superior than I had predicted. I knew they would be great quality because everything I have gotten from ulinkly has been such. The drapes are very nice.

    Aaron Dahl

    A Touch of Splendor

    "A Touch of Splendor" - Drape drew attention of everybody after it was put in. Our selection seemed to be overwhelming. Incredible adornments work makes the bluff much more appealing. Is going with each of our level designing along with colors of walls of our room completely. Service they given was exceptional. Great creation! We are glad. For sure we will procure more whenever necessary!!

    Albert Conrad

    Fengxiang Dance

    As soon as curtain established, it allures every person. Our assortment was overwhelming. Barely credible fancywork work makes the things far more appealing. Moves with each of our flooring design and style and hues of room walls fully. Services they offered was exceptional. Great formation! We are grateful to ulinkly. Definitely we will purchase far more as and when needed!!

    Oren Dixon

    Flowers Fly

    When curtain mounted, it lures in everybody. Our choice seemed to be brilliant. Unbelievable embroidery work makes-up the sheer far more attractive. Moves with each of our level figure along with hues of room walls entirely. Assistance they offered was fantastic. Great creation! All of us are happy. Undoubtedly we shall purchase a lot more when needed!!

    Richard Spangler


    After curtain installed, it draws in all. Our assortment ended up being astounding. Unbelievable adornments work makes-up the bluff far more beautiful. Is going with each of our flooring style as well as hues of room walls absolutely. Support they offered was fantastic. Great formation! We are happy. Surely we shall procure a lot more whenever needed!!

    Christopher Kimberling


    The moment drapery fitted, it draws in everybody. Our selection was brilliant. Unbelievable fancywork work puts together the sheer far more desirable. Suits to our floor pattern along with colorings of wall surfaces absolutely. Support they offered was outstanding. Great formation! We are grateful to ulinkly. For sure we shall procure a lot more whenever needed!!

    Edward Walker

    Voile King

    The curtains make a fastidious addition to the comforter in this design. This is in my master bedroom and makes the room look very gorgeous.

    Melvin Climer


    I bought the curtain and am very happy with the way it manage in our room as we have a sitting area on the side with different window types.

    Clara Simmons


    I already purchased a pair of the AISHAVIYIA curtains, I needed a second pair. I was so glad to find them at Touch of Class.

    Hertha Rogers


    I really love the drapes. They are bright and beautiful. It is a high quality curtain. Thank to you for no compromise with it’s quality and finishing.

    Anita Crabtree

    Flying Phoenix

    The drapes is so lovely, with it design!! Feel lovely to the touch, and only hope that they hold up well. All my guest appreciate the “FLYING PHOENIX” Curtain.

    Robert Smith

    Chenille King

    Chenille King has fabric very nice quality, I turned these curtains into drapes. they are very cute.

    Tim Dixon

    Manson Garden

    Love the look - the panels is slightly darker than it appears in the picture, but still quite striking.

    Robert Hammons


    The curtains make a nice addition to the bedspread in this design. These both are in my master bedroom and make the room look very rich .

    Lloyd Lucas

    Flying Phoenix

    Flying Phoenix the drape is presently what I wanted to enhance the look for our visitor room. This set make room paradise. Thank you Touch of Class.

    Barbara Whitney

    Autumn Breeze

    The quality , color & design were incredible. They were color & fabric heavy. The design was stunning. I would recommend this curtain to anyone who likes unique style.

    Jennifer Steve


    My Husband Purchased the - MINIMALIST MODERN 2 drape. I am very glad for the amazing drape with high quality materials and stitching. it absolutely change the room and other site.

    Craig Hart

    Rainy Paris

    I purchased the drape to go with the comforter. They are very rich looking. My all staff very thrilled for the purchase. Thanks to you and your staff.

    Val Poole

    Jin Ruikai

    “JIN RUIKAI” Curtain has a great design and color amalgamation that is different and beautiful finishing.